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Why WomenWealthyWise?

Women are breaking the mold, and in many ways, we’re achieving more than ever.

Yet, somewhere along the way, far too many of us have lost control over our financial lives. We’ve become disempowered or disengaged, and feel that we don't have the time, skills, or confidence to trust ourselves to manage our financial future.

But that’s not true—and frankly, it’s a self-sabotaging belief!

WomenWealthyWise was founded out of a visible need and heartfelt passion to empower women to take charge of their lives—emotionally and financially.

Our mission is to provide economic solutions to all women, through education and empowerment.

We host national events; powerful retreats; comprehensive, hands-on workshops; and provide one-to-one consulting.

We give you the tools to successfully emerge financially independent and energized about your future!

Why Steph Wagner? 

I’m an example of what happens when a young woman makes, in the words of Leslie Bennetts, “The Feminine Mistake.” Early in my marriage, I had huge earning potential. But after the birth of my three sons, I leaned all the way out.

I gave up my thriving career, and almost 15 years later, when my marriage fell apart, I was devastated. I found myself desperately trying to rediscover my purpose, and recreate a life that I was excited to live. The obstacles seemed immense: skyrocketing bills, three young boys whom I was raising solely on my own, and a resume with piles of dust on it.

But, with a strong financial foundation and an even stronger belief in myself, I was able to take back control and seize the incredible opportunities that my new life presented.

Why Now?

A strong nation starts with strong women. When we’re empowered, when we focus on the opportunities we can create for ourselves, and we have the tools to be successful, we become unstoppable. 

Whether you’re in the midst of transition, or simply hungry for change, you can’t afford not to take the steps to make your next chapter better than ever.

Ready? Let's start your journey today!