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Ready to point yourself in a new direction? It's time to discover a new relationship with money and learn how to design a life you can afford to love!

We at WomenWealthyWise have developed a comprehensive five-step program that will assist anyone ready to improve her relationship with money. 

Utilizing a unique combination of easy, practical and modern financial tools, along with light-hearted financial therapy guidance, you will learn a life changing approach to money. 

Our program is delivered to you via one-to-one coaching, mastermind goups, workshops and retreats.  Additionally, we are thrilled to announce the recent release of MoneySense, a dynamic 12 week e-learning course that allows you the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere you wish!

Our Program Step by Step:

1EXPLORE internally

Discover your money story. Liberate yourself from any shame you may be carrying around if you are struggling, in debt or simply not seeing the financial rewards you desire. Point yourself in the direction of your most meaningful goals. Learn how to re-engineer your brain so that you can create new habits and begin to experience the life-changing results you deserve!

2EVALUATE the reality

Let's roll up our sleeves! We will organize, evaluate, and accept the reality as it is. This is eye opening for most, but the truth can be incredibly empowering because you are now a FORCE in motion. We examine all inflows and outflows, identify unnecessary waste and poor spending habits. With your personalized goals in mind, we discuss the many options at your disposal to facilitate a powerful shift in your new direction!

3ENGINEER a plan

This is the heart and soul of the program. Together, we don't simply create budgets, debt-reduction strategies and saving plans. We work to build a new and meaningful lifestyle that isn't just about the income you make and the dollars you spend. It is an individualized plan that will both get you excited and keep you on track toward a life of financial freedom!

4EXECUTE daily

This is the fun part. Staying on track is made into a game! This engaging strategy will keep you energized and on course. Receive phenomenal support to put your money to work, rather than tirelessly working for your money. Enjoy a daily life you can afford to love; a life of self-directed adventure!

5ENJOY the rewards

It isn't just about financial rewards. Freedom manifests itself in all aspects of one's life: career, relationships, self-care and community. It is also critical to your creative and innovative dreams. You are designing a life of abundance...LIVE IT WELL!