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A six-month program that will inspire you to take charge of your life—financially and emotionally!

Women are breaking the mold, and in many ways, we’re achieving more than ever.

Yet, somewhere along the way, far too many of us have lost control over our financial lives. We’ve become disempowered or disengaged, and feel that we don't have the time, skills, or confidence to trust ourselves to manage our financial future.
But that’s not true—and frankly, it’s a self-sabotaging belief!
Nine out of 10 of us will become 100% responsible for our financial wellbeing at some point in our life. And we must be ready to take charge and assume this responsibility.
If you’re properly prepared, you’re not just ready for whatever the future may bring. You’re also confident, resourceful, and ready to live the life you are meant to live today!
“Own it” is more than a title. It’s a call to action—regardless of your circumstance.
Whether you’re in the midst of transition, or simply hungry for change, you can’t afford not to take the steps to make your next chapter better than ever.
How do I know you can do this? Because I did it, and with a little help, you can too!

Meet Steph Wagner

Steph’s personal story is one of reinvention: from stay-at-home mom, to single mother fearful about her financial security, to highly successful entrepreneur.

This journey inspired her to devote her life to the economic empowerment of women.

With over a decade of experience shaping financial strategies and mentoring individuals and business owners to achieve their goals, Steph’s a sought-after thought leader on the intersection of gender and finance, as well as entrepreneurship.

Her Expertise Has Been Featured In:

Steph pairs motivational coaching with extensive financial expertise to bring you a highly effective, interactive program. You will build confidence around money matters, gain clarity on the breadth of opportunities available to you, and work towards a more authentic and purpose-driven life.

You Will Gain

Self Awareness

Learn your current habits, tendencies, and self-sabotaging beliefs, as well as the money story you’re carrying around.


Learn the language of money and how to create a path toward financial freedom. Get empowered by systems and practices that will help you succeed.


Achieve new awareness around your earning, spending, saving, and giving habits. Gain confidence in your ability to make wise, strategic financial decisions.


Get personally connected to an elite group of trusted professionals, such as wealth advisors, CPAs, estate-planning attorneys, lenders, and insurance providers, whom you can trust with your individual needs.


Connect, share, and engage with other dynamic women. Learn from, and collaborate with, one another—today and beyond.

Program Overview Step by Step

EXPLORE Internally

Discover your current relationship with money. We’ll identify where you are, where you want to be, and what’s standing in your way. Liberate yourself from any shame you may be carrying around. Learn how to re-engineer your brain so that you can create new habits and begin to experience the life-changing results you deserve.

EVALUATE the Reality

Organize and evaluate your current financial landscape. We’ll examine your inflows and outflows, identify inefficiencies in your spending habits, and review details surrounding your assets and liabilities to ensure that you’re maximizing the earning power of your money. With your personalized goals in mind, we’ll discuss the options at your disposal to create a brighter path.

EDUCATE Yourself

Learn the terms, tools, principles, and practices you need to shape your own financial destiny and make informed financial decisions in the future. Discover how to improve your communication around money matters in a way that can create a positive shift in your personal relationships.


Design a personal finance roadmap, complete with strategies to maximize your success. We won’t simply create budgets and saving plans. We’ll work to build a new and more meaningful lifestyle that extends beyond your income and the dollars you spend. It’s an individualized approach that will inspire you and keep you on track towards living the life you want to live.

EQUIP Yourself With the Right Team

You’ll gain the know-how to select the right professionals to help you manage your financial life. Learn their lingo, as well as the questions you should be asking, and how to incorporate their expertise into your daily life. With trusted experts in your corner, you’ll have needed guidance on your journey to success.


Staying on track is the key to your long-term success! Once you have a solid plan in place, you’ll need to apply what you’ve learned to daily life. You’ll gain strategies that will keep you energized and on course. Enjoy a daily life you can afford to love; less stress, more opportunities, and never again feeling held back by financial challenges.

So now you can...

ENJOY the Rewards

Financial freedom manifests itself in all aspects of your life: career, relationships, community, and health. It’s also key to to your creative and innovative dreams.

After all, it’s YOUR life, so OWN IT!

Your Registration Includes


Six two-hour interactive group sessions, led by Steph Wagner and guest speakers.


Three hours of one-to-one coaching, personalized to your individual needs.


A private online community for daily Q&A and support.


Access to a library of curriculum and resources to help you succeed!

Los Angeles

Registration Opens:
December 1, 2017

Workshop Begins:
January, 2018

Location Details:
Announced December 1

$275 per month

San Diego

Registration Opens:
January 1, 2018

Workshop Begins:
February, 2017

Location Details:
Announced January 1

$275 per month

Prefer a webinar option? You can participate virtually in all workshop sessions.


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What Women Are Saying About Steph

We share the same mission, and it’s thrilling to find a partner who believes as passionately as I do in helping women to live empowered lives: happy, financially secure, and free to follow their dreams.

Leslie Bennetts

Award winning journalist and best selling author of The Feminie Mistake and Last Girl Before Freeway
New York, NY

She's a TOTAL force of nature and I know a movie will be made about her one day.

Amanda Steinberg

Founder of and WorthFM
Philadelphia, PA

Steph Wagner is the angel who helped me design life 2.0. She is wicked smart and a gift to all women seeking to regain financial independence.

Paige Allford

San Diego, CA

What a gift! Steph has helped me to better understand the language of money and has equipped me with the confidence and can-do attitude needed to become the CFO of my new life. THAT has been priceless!

Shannon Johnson

Dallas, TX